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Jazz festivals, restaurants, taught me to love seafood and authentic Chinese. Opera, musicals. I was a hick from a small mid-western town - a missionary was almost all I knew) she dragged me into the performances.

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That, my friends, was education. By the time I got back, all were hayseeds of my teeth, trust me. Australia, the Philippines, and most of the Far East.

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It was also the most important choice that I've ever done in my life, although I do not know it then. All home jealous. So what if it was old.

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And they began to become financially comfortable (middle class). Simply create a new computer publishing business.

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They were relatively young couple, Mary was 28 and 35 Will.

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So I basically got accepted my neighbors. Was too much to do right here and now, to find a bunch of new friends.

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And they were married soon after she graduated from high school. Will was seven years older than Mary. Recovering her wonderful figure. It was my pleasure and constant disappointment to see her slim down within the next two years.

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